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No Time to be bored

What kind of holes are you looking for? Everyday Golf VR offers you 63 different holes. Just pick and play!

Bored of just doing nothing with your friends? Turn on and play Competitive Mode. Up to four people can have fun together.

Do you want a challenge? Play 9 holes continuously in Tour Mode. You'll be able to test your real golf skills.


Swing Analysis

Everyday Golf VR analyzes your swing. Look back to see the Swing Analysis.

Check to see whether you head up or not and what the swing trajectory was like.

Also, Swing Analysis shows your launch angle, swing speed, carry, run, and more, making it possible to evaluate your swing.


Minimize VR Fatigue

Are you afraid of Virtual Reality sickness? Everyday Golf VR will put your mind at ease.

We have prepared an environment in which you can enjoy your golf with minimal movement and rotation.

We've divided courses into individual halls. This means you can rest whenever you want without having to worry about your progress.



Sit down and read the greens just like you are in the actual field. This helps you read height and speed.

Welcome, left-handed people! Everyday Golf VR has a special option for you.(HTC VIVE only)

As far as languages go – don't worry about it! We support five languages -

English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean.